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Mountain Biking Tours in Cancun, Mexico

The coastal city of Cancun has long been one of the most popular destinations in Mexico. Cancun, Mexico is the place to be for holidaymakers who want to experience the thrill of the outdoors and beauty of nature. Here is an overview of some of the things that are just waiting to be discovered on a mountain biking tour of Cancun.

Coastal roads

Cancun is famous for its quiet beaches, and cycling along stunning coastal roads is an enchanting way to get a feel for the area. These roads line the main beaches for several kilometres and come complete with several viewpoints where visitors can stop to soak up the enchanting sight of clear blue water lapping the powdery white sand. Cyclists can also keep cool by taking a break to plunge into the ocean whenever they choose.


The picturesque natural wells of Cenotes were created over several centuries and attract nature lovers from all over Mexico and beyond. This is a great place to pause to unwind for a while and Cenotes can be reached in less than an hour using peddle power.

Xcaret Nature Reserve

Nature lovers will also want to spend time cycling through this large and lovely green zone. Xcaret Nature Reserve is home to a wide range of wildlife and features a number of well-worn cycling paths for visitors to navigate.

Exploring the city

Mountain biking is also a great way to see all that Cancun has to offer. This city is celebrated for its interesting architecture and no trip would be complete without cycling along the impressive Avenida Tulum, which is lined by a large number of shops, restaurants and other attractions.

Mountain biking tours of Cancun are offered by a large number of companies, while people who prefer to travel independently can also hire a mountain bike and start exploring. One of the great things about going on a mountain biking tour of Cancun is that visitors will be able to explore the area in a fun new way. with a little planning, this type of trip is both fun and very affordable.

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