The US Embassy of Argentina delivering books to a local school.
The ambassador of the United States, Vilma Martinez, and Press Attaché, Shannon Farrell, [center] developed a program with the objective of promoting the personal and professional development of children living in vulnerable contexts.

My most popular story in the Americas

Here is one of my most popular articles on Infobae, the giant Spanish news agency. It appeared in various forms in almost every country from Argentina all the way up to Canada and with thousands of shares. Quite probably, a million people read this story and — I trust — were inspired by this story. Viajó por el mundo en bicicleta y halló la felicidad. Meaning: “He traveled the world and found happiness.” In this archived version of the story, you’ll have to scroll through all the pictures to get to the story, which you can translate online.

Another one of my favorite stories was this article that originally appeared in the Buenos Aires Herald, titled “Soul Rider“.

Update: Here is the follow-up story The Ambassador of the United States Vilma Martinez visits the neighborhood of Carlos Tevez on Infobae after the publication of the new book illustrated by the local Argentina schools, “Cayendo Hacia Arriba”. Pictured below is Ambassador Martinez, Press Attaché Shannon Farrell (the woman who made it all happen), Director Javier Canepa and the professors and staff of Escuela Pública Nro. 3 “Arturo Marasso”, Escuela Nº 26 “Dardo Rocha” and Escuela Nº 13 “Armada Argentina”.

Another Update: I’m so surprised and honored to discover this photo below! (I was just searching for broken links to my website.)

It is a showcase of events and activities developed during Ambassador Vilma Martinez’s term in Argentina. This project is a school outreach program where we made a Spanish children’s edition of Falling Uphill (Cayendo Hacia Arriba). I was the Cultural Ambassador and it was and forever will be one of the highlights of my life.

The Ambassador is pictured delivering the books to local schools. And, the young lady is getting a certificate of achievement for participating. And in the background, you can see a map of my trip around the world!

US Ambassador Vilma Martínez visiting the neighborhood of Carlos Tevez and the school of Fuerte Apache
The United States Ambassador Vilma Martínez visiting the neighborhood of Carlos Tevez and the school of Fuerte Apache to deliver our book “Cayendo Hacia Arriba” and certificates of achievement.
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