New Year’s Resolution

Have you ever wondered about the laws you’ve created for yourself?

For tens of thousands of years, the New Year has been a natural time to throw away what doesn’t work, so that you may walk unburdened into the future. This year instead of applying the 6-month rule to my material life, I’m going to apply the 6-month rule to the outdated laws that I’ve created for myself. For example, I’ve created a law that I won’t do anything productive until after my second cup of coffee. Out with the old idea, and in with the new idea. I will now occasionally be productive while I drink my coffee. That also applies my new rule: A baby step is better than no step. I applied that rule to going to the gym. I have set zero goals at the gym except to walk through the door. Another old law that I’ve created was that I get one treat at the end of the day to motivate myself. I’m throwing that one away. Now I will remind myself that I do everything for a reason, and that reason is the treat. I have created many more rules, but you should get the idea by now. And I must apply one more rule, and that is to keep this social networking (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, blog, etc.) that suddenly society has mandated you must do to be successful, to a bare minimum, and reclaim my life, which makes a nice segue to the question of the day: How does anyone make money, when everyone just gives it all away for free on the internet?

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