Scenes from the Argonauts at Colchis

King Aeëtes

King Aeëtes was a king of Colchis in Greek mythology and owner of the Golden Fleece. He promised the fleece to Jason if he could perform certain tasks.

Pelias sending forth Jason

King Pelias

Pelias was the king of Iolcus. But he had stolen the crown from his half-brother, the father of Jason’s. Pelias sent Jason on the quest for the Golden Fleece to try and get rid of him.

Jason and Argonauts skeleton scene Lego


Jason is a figure in Greek mythology who is best known for leading the Argonauts in a quest to find the Golden Fleece.

Argus building the ship Argo


In Greek mythology, Argus was commissioned to build the Argo, a ship that was used by Jason and the Argonauts to find the Golden Fleece. Argus was guided by Athena in his construction of the ship.

An oil painting of Medea and her dead children fleeing in a chariot.


The tragic love story of Medea and Jason is one of the most famous Greek myths, and it has been told and retold in many different versions throughout the centuries.


More adaptations of the myth

There are hundreds of adaptations of the myth of Jason and the Argonauts including the famous movie of 1963. Here we present the most famous.

Ovid Metamorphoses engraving by Johann Wilhelm Baur. Book 7, Plate 62.

The Metamorphoses, Book VII

Arguably, Jason’s wife, Medea is the true hero of the story. The story of Jason and the Argonauts is told from Medea’s point of view in Book VII of The Metamorphoses by the poet Ovid.

Peleus and Talamon on the Argo

The crew of the Argo

The crew of the Argonauts varies depending on which version of the ancient myth you are reading. That sounds confusing, but the ancient storytellers were always adding to and embellishing the story, much like the modern superhero sagas.

Atalanta fastest person in the world


Have you ever wondered who is the fastest human in the world? Perhaps, you are thinking of the superhero, Flash or Superman. In reality…

The Hero's Journey

What is an adventure?

Words like adventure, hero and epic have become cliches that have lost their meaning. So unfortunately we can’t say: “I’m a a hero going on an epic adventure,” and be meaningful. So, what exactly is an adventure? And how do we make every day an adventure?

A close up of the artistic cover of the Hero With A Thousand Faces. Hundreds of real people, like a mosaic, paint the picture of a hero.

What is a hero?

Is it true that the only people who achieve great things are the ones who take risks and reach for the impossible. Is that what it means to be a hero?

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