Only Wimps Check into Motels

By Forrest MacCormack Location: Lancaster, PA Here I sit in a hotel room in Pennsylvania Dutch country, not far from Lancaster, PA. It rained pretty

New Jersey — One Big Off Ramp or More?

By Forrest MacCormack Location: Delaware Water Gap, PA Hello everyone from Delaware Water Gap, PA Finally, it is hot! I’m in heaven… sort of. I’m

Exploring My New Home

Backyard Adventure By Jen Dalton Read more of Dalton’s Backyard Adventures By Jen Dalton The landscape of my backyard changed this week. For quite a

The Legacy of Julia Hill

“Yes, One Person Can Make a Difference. But it’s Going to Take All of Us.” By Elz Cuya In December of 1997, Julia Butterfly Hill

Alasaka Bike Ride for an AIDS Vaccine

Doug Sovern’s Everest Adventure Join Doug on His Adventure to Base Camp Doug’s Adventure Begins Last Call for Mt Everest Six People Die On Everest

Hello Everyone From Dunkin’ Donuts

By Forrest MacCormack Location: Oxford, Massachusetts Sitting here in a Dunkin’ Donuts in Oxford, Mass. waiting for the ominously gray skies to dump rain. When

Six Rivers National Forest

Backyard Adventure By Jen Dalton Jen glides along a straight-away – wondering if the guys will ever catch up.Read more of Dalton’s Backyard Adventures By

Welcome to the Top of the World

Doug at the summit of Kala Pattar, with Mount Pumori in the background. The Adventure of a Lifetime By Doug Sovern Location: Mount Everest Doug

Mark Loftin profile picture

In and Out of Cuba

The risk of going to Cuba has an allure all of its own. Before Mark knew it, he booked an overnight stay in Havana that turns into a financial nightmare.

Day One

By Forrest MacCormack Location: Camden Hills Hello everyone, Today was my first official day of biking. I left my friend Walter standing in front of


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