Cyclists rolling over endless hills in Iowa during RAGBRAI, the world's largest bike ride.


As a professionally trained artist, Scott’s photos been featured in newspapers and websites around the world, such as: featured on, used by the Australian Parliment, the Tanzanian Ministry of health, The Malawia Association UK, The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle and much more. Scott’s photos are available for sharing with credit or purchase for commercial use. More info.

Pictured above: Cyclists rolling over endless hills in Iowa during RAGBRAI, the world’s largest bike ride.


Cute girls in Guatemala dressed in colorful clothes sitting on colorful, woven chairs.

Favorites from
the World Bicycle Tour

Favorite Photographs

Over 500 children and teachers standing on the playground in the shape of giant bicycle.

After seeing the world wonders and taking thousands of photographs, this is my favorite photograph that I made when I returned home.

The bicycle that went around the world

The bicycle that went around the world perched on the edge of a scenic cliff in the Drakensburg Mountains, Lesotho, Southern Africa.

This is my beloved bicycle and possible my second favorite photograph, which is funny because it really was an after thought when I summited these tough mountains. Notice all the gear on the back of the bike, including the road tires that needed to be swapped for the knobbies.

Funny Road Signs

Below is one of my favorite subject matters, though I don’t even know why — misspelled and misleading and just weird signs.

El Che Guevara and the hammer and sickle tastefully painted on the back of a road sign in Argentina

“Power to the people” is a common theme all over the world. El Che, the world famous counterculture symbol, advertised on the back of a road sign in Argentina. Also pictured is the hammer and sickle, symbolic of the working person and socialism. I like how they made good use of the back of the road sign without ruining the front.


That was just a handful of photo albums.

View all my all my photo albums and collections on Flickr.

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