Postcards from the edge

A retired couple bicycles Alaska

Dick and Ingrid cycle Alaska
Read more of Dick and Ingrid Adams adventures as the bicycle around the USA during retirement

Dick and Ingrid Adams are enjoying life during a three-month bicycle tour in Alaska. This thoughtful postcard summarizes their adventure:

Had a short run today with rolling hills. Saw a moose in the middle of the bike path and her mate in the grass. Lots of new bike paths are being made. Everything here is big, from big prices to big hills (quite steep grades), to big distances, even the mosquitoes are big. There are bugs everywhere and they get into everything. Cars are keeping their distance. [Editors note: Hopefully the bears are keeping their distance, too.]

With love,
Dick and Ingrid.

Arctic Circle Crossing

Location: Kilometer 403, Dempster Highway, Yukon, Canada

We had a great [bicycle] ride from Fairbanks, Alaska. At the Arctic Circle, it started to rain. We are stuck at the Eagle Plains Hotel out in nowhere and we are awaiting better weather. It hailed and snowed for two days, heavy wind and the road is impassible. It got up to 40 degrees today.

Dick and Ingrid.

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