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RAGBRAI: Scott cycles across Iowa


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Starting this Saturday, it’s the 41st year of RAGBRAI, where 13,000 bicyclists ride from the west side of Iowa to the east. I’ve been invited as a VIP member of the Mankind Project. I recommend their latest article What does greatness ask of you? And making headlines recently, Lance Armstrong will be joining the ride. I’m very hopeful to meet him, despite the controversy, he has been a great source of inspiration to me in the past. I’m also really nervous. I’m about 40 pounds heavier than my world trip; so that means that almost all the weight of my gear, including tools, tent, stove, filter, etc., is now resting around my midriff in the form of fat. If only I could convert fat into fuel as easily as converting the sugar from a soda into energy, but, alas, my body is always thinking starvation is just around the corner. Modern life is cruel that way. I’ve given up on the idea of a shower, but I am concerned about how small-town Iowa is going to provide toilets for everyone. I don’t think squatting in the cornfields this time is going to make any friends. (I know you are wondering how that would ever make friends, but that is another story.) People laugh and say RAGBRAI is “peanuts” compared to my bike trip around the world; I say, cycling across Iowa with 13,000 strangers is crazy! We’ll see. It is guaranteed to be an adventure. And I’m told there will be lots of pie.

RAGBRAI 2013 Map

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