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Retouching the illustrations

Drawings for Ruby the Red Worm

After sorting through my foot-tall stack of drawings, I begin selecting and editing my favorites. The first pictures shows the original scan. You can see the line from the story on the top of the page and the students marker illustration of that concept, which shows a field of flowers toasting Ruby the Red Worm with a cup of tea.

The second drawing is a closeup depicting how I must delete the words from the illustration. I’ve also spent dozens of hours erasing pencil lines!

In the third drawing, I zoom in even closer to delete the “y” and a comma. Some drawings require an hour of retouching, particularly if I combine two or three illustrations. In this case, I removed the words and added additional cups of tea in all the flower’s hands.

And the last drawing shows the finished product. Only 100 more to go!

Drawings for Ruby the Red Worm

Drawings for Ruby the Red Worm

Drawings for Ruby the Red Worm

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