Scott invents mountain-bicycle yoga in the Himalayas
Scott invented mountain-bike yoga while in the Himalayas of Nepal. Really, it was just an experiment to stretch the aching body.

Scott’s Big Adventures

When I was younger, I wanted to do something never done before. I wanted to conquer the world and stand on the tallest mountain. As I grow older I see every day as a new adventure. I’m fascinated at the things I can discover in my own garden. So, sharing my adventures with the older becomes more difficult as my definition of an adventure becomes less colloquial.

Below you can see some of my big adventures. And farther below you can see some littler adventures that I haven’t posted yet.

Scott’s big adventures

ongoing rtw Potential trip on mars

ambassador Scott’s World Record: First man to ride a bicycle across state lines.RAGBRAI.  The world’s oldest and  largest bicycle ride.

MIcroadventure in bali The inner adventure of writing a book  about cycling around the world

Scott’s medium adventures

I’ve posted stories about some of my adventures here. And, below, are more adventures waiting for stories.

  • 2019: This list gets harder to maintain because the older I get the more I see everything as an adventure! I’m currently loving gardening and making homegrown, homemade fermented hot sauce!
  • 2018: The Dominican Republic, including living in a treehouse, whale watching, bike riding and horseback adventure through the jungle to a waterfall. (Sorry, I haven’t had time to post all this great stuff.)
  • 2017: Total solar eclipse.
  • 2015: Joshua Tree National Park, Sedona, AZ and more.
  • 2012: Wisconsin bicycle tour.
  • 2011: USA road trip, including Arizona’s Meteor Crater.
  • 1997: Cross country bicycle tour from ocean to ocean and border to border. The warm-up for my world trek.
  • 1994: European Backpacker.
  • 1992: Study abroad student in the United Kingdom.
  • And much more.

Scott’s little adventures

  • Everything. Yes, I believe everything is an adventure of exploring the unknown and experiencing things never experienced and creating things never created. The challenge is having the eyes to see it.

Scott’s upcoming adventures

  • Bermuda 2020
  • Antarctica. I’m working on this. Hopefully, 2021.

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