Survivor Audition Tape

I know being on a reality TV show seems a little silly — but what can I say? — It’s been my dream to be on this show since episode 1 and a lot of people tell me that I’m made for the show. I think I would make a lot of witty and keen observations during my cameos. If nothing else, I think fans would enjoy watching the man who cycled the world embarrass himself at the physical challenges. Enjoy the video and wish me luck!

This is my third video for Survivor. At the bottom, you can see my first video from when I applied back in 2008, back when you needed to mail in a video on VHS tape and submit a 20-page application with 9 pages of hand-written answers.

Survivor Application

Six pages from Scott's hand-written Survivor application in 2008.

I’m surprised how 11 years can put a whole new perspective on my life and how I portray myself to the world. Here are some funny odd questions and answers from my 2008 Survivor application pictured above:

What is your primary motivation for being on the show? What is your secondary motivation for being on the show?

  1. Personal challenge. People always ask me: “What is your next adventure? How do you beat riding around the world?” [Getting on Survivor is how!]
  2. Fame & fortune.

If you were stranded, who would you most want to be stranded with?

My girlfriend. A boat builder and expert navigator. [This is my favorite answer. I actually did write “girlfriend” and then cross it off. ]

What would be the craziest, wildest thing you would do for a million dollars?

I think playing a fair, honest, game and helping others play their best game, would be literally crazy in this culture’s mindset. [The producer’s probably thought, “BORING! We need drama. This is television not life.”]

What would you not do for a million dollars?

Risk personal injury or harm or endanger another.

What is your favorite topic of conversation at a dinner party? What topics are off limits?

Philosophy. Complaining. [Perhaps if I listed these question in reverse order, I would have gotten on the show.]

What skills do you bring to Survivor that would make you a useful member of the group?

I am told that I have a genius level of social awareness. [This sounds really un-genius in retrospect.] Also I have a sound background of basic survival skills. Strong physically + mentally. Not likely to crack under duress. Can provide physical + mental + emotional comfort.]

List three (3) non survival related items that you would take with to the remote location, if allowed, and why.

Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses — I don’t want to look like an old man [after spending 39 days in the sun]. Or a book, pencil and paper to stimulate my creativity.

If you could hold any political office, what would it be and why?

Benevolent Dictator of the World. Someone with the common interests of everyone needs to fix this mess. [Ha! Even more true now.]

Describe your perfect day:

Coffee, read a good, mind-opening book, an invigorating bike ride, a few hours of fulfilling work, an earth-shaking self-realization, and finish by relaxing with friends and girlfriend. [I’m impressed with myself on this answer. It’s still true and I’m doing a good job.]

Who is you hero and why?

Everyone I meet has something to teach me. Also, any classic hero like Odin, who sacrificed himself (his ego) to have everything (enlightenment). [That was a profound answer!]

Who would you choose for your loved ones visit?

Either my girlfriend or my brother.

Survivor Audition Tape Take 1

Below is my first video, I think it’s quite funny. I like how I kept changing my strategy, kind of like being on the real show. I wish I could have gotten some feedback on this because I thought I was a shoo-in.

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