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Famous Explorers

Tarzan’s Real Jane

By Elz Cuya Dr. Goodall with Uruhara at a sanctuary for orphaned chimps. Dr. Jane Goodall’s curiosity and love for animals blossomed at a very young age. At four, she was already making behavioral science observations with hens “to see where the egg came out.” 1 Then, at eleven, she fell in love with Tarzan.… Continue Reading

We came in peace for all mankind

The Apollo 11 Mission By Scott Stoll Pictured above is one of the most recognizable and fascinating images of this century. Buzz Aldrin stands in a small crater millions of years old amidst a landscape that appears surreal due to the lack of atmosphere. Reflected in the visor are the photographer, Neil Armstrong, and the… Continue Reading

Carl Sagan

Explorer of the Cosmos, Journeyman of the Mind (1934-1996) By Elz Cuya An artist’s conception of Voyager I as it passes Jupiter. Should an alien spaceship stumble across it, they would discover a golden record, “a message to the universe,” inspired and partially designed by Dr. Carl Sagan. It contains 115 images, including maps and… Continue Reading

Robert Scott: The Amateur

By Elz Cuya Scott’s Hut, Cape Evans With our friend, Vilmar Tavares, updating us on his adventures from Way Down Under, and our cover story on Professor Graham Collier, chronicling his Antarctic excursions, it is only fitting that our Explorer of the Month be the man who inspired the world with his pioneering Antarctic explorations… Continue Reading

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