Andy Graham Hobo Traveler

Hobo Traveler

Making a living while traveling the world by Andy Graham the Hobo traveler, on the road since 1997 Articles about budget, travel, jobs, adventure and

Hobo Traveler: Third World Travel

Location: Ecuador I am in Ecuador. Where a USA dollars buys twice as much, and a room cost 3 dollars and 50 cents. I think

Hobo Traveler: What is extreme travel?

by Andy Graham Extreme ex·treme (ĭk-strēm′) adj. Most remote; outermost or farthest. Very great; intense. Extending far beyond the norm. Drastic; severe. n. The greatest

Hobo Traveler: Rio Gallegos

Location: Rio Gallegos Elevation: 767 feet ASL (Above Sea Level) Latitude: 41 degrees north Longitude: 85 degrees west Sorry… No pictures (my Sony Digital camera

Hobo Traveler: Why go to Patagonia?

Location: Patagonia Elevation: 0 feet Latitude: 51.633 degrees south Longitude: 69.217 degrees west Made famous by history, and travel agents trying to sell a tour.

Hobo Traveler: Safety

Andy’s Travel Tip The worst thing about traveling is worrying about getting robbed. I am always a little worried. I am carrying a portable computer,


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