The giving tree sequel (redux). The final pages revised.

The Giving Tree Sequel

How it should have ended (HISHE)

Have you ever read the classic children’s story “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein? I’ve always been disturbed that the tree sacrifices itself to a greedy old man — so I rewrote the ending and drew new pictures. Call it: The Giving Tree Sequel or The Giving Tree Redux.

Last seen the old man is sitting on the stump of the tree looking forlorn. The tree is happy to see his old friend and offer him a place to sit; that is all the tree has left to give. But, presumably, the man is unhappier than ever after having taken the tree’s friendship for granted and realizing he has killed the tree with his greed. Giving the author credit, perhaps the young readers are meant to learn to stop being so greedy and destructive, yet I wonder why the tree is still happy?

The last 3 pages pictured is my new ending, with my drawings and matching the layout and font exactly to the original book.


The giving tree redux. The final pages revised.

The giving tree sequel (redux). The final pages revised.

Buy Now: I’ve created a few handmade books with new endings. I pasted my new pages into the ending of the original book. You can’t tell the difference except the new pages are little thick and stiff. Contact us if you would like a copy. I can even personalize the dedication page to your child or friend using a similar style.

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Scott Stoll

Scott Stoll

Scott Stoll asked himself a question: "If I could do anything, what would I do?" His answer resulted in a quest for happiness around the world on a bicycle (32,344 miles, 4 years, 59 countries, 6 continents). An adventure described as having moments from pure survival to pure enlightenment. He was honored to be the Cultural Ambassador to Argentina by the US Dept. of State and has received numerous other awards. Now Scott writes children's books to teach them how to live the life of their dreams.