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The Hungry Cyclist

The Hungry Cyclist Book

Who is The Hungry Cyclist? And why is he hungry?

Here’s a guy that combines two of my loves of life—bicycling and eating. I expect he’s got some great recipes for grasshoppers somewhere in here :)

In his words:
My name is Tom Kevill-Davies, I love riding my bicycle and I love to eat. It really is that simple. As a journalist, author and photographer I enjoy writing about and photography almost as much as eating and cycling, which basically means, I bicycle to wherever I can find good, well prepared, locally produced, fresh and traditional food before eating it and writing about it.

Since returning from a 2.5 year pedal powered gastronomic quest through the Americas in Search of The Perfect Meal, I have written my first book and am now busy planning my next gastronomic pedal powered quest along the Mekong river.

See more of Tom’s adventures here: The Hungry Cyclist – Cycle Touring & Eating The World

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