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The universe’s most amazing photo

Hubble Ultra Deep Field Image Reveals Galaxies Galore


5 years later and this is still the most amazing image I have ever seen, the most faraway reaches of our universe ever photographed. In this tiny pinprick of one of the darkest regions of the sky, are 10,000 galaxies. That’s right those aren’t stars, but galaxies. And since these galaxies are so far away and it has taken the light billions of years to reach Earth, this photograph is like viewing backwards in time, to shortly after the big bang. Maybe even more amazing is that scientists say photographing the entire celestial sphere with such fine resolution would take over a million years. And even more amazing than that is imagining the trillions of civilizations nestled within this frame, and perhaps the quadrillions of telescopes looking back upon us. So boggling is this image, that I’m inclined to inspire a spiritual fervor and say, this is the closest to seeing the face of god, I’ve ever come.

This is called the Called the Hubble Ultra Deep Field (HUDF) photograph, and you can see many more fantastic photos at their website:

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