Tibet Photo Pictorial

Editor’s Note: These photographs may look old-fashioned now, but when we first started posting photos most images were scanned in from film negatives, and the resolution on the internet was very poor. Images needed to be only a few kilobytes so that you could download them with a phone modem; now they are thousands of times bigger.

Photo Pictorial By Loren Brown

TIBET – A World Away

TIBET Photo Pictorial

A young mother is begging for money with her daughter in a small village. Their cheeks are rosy red due to the high elevation (16,000 feet) and the chilling winds.

TIBET Photo Pictorial

An elderly woman is on her daily pilgrimage of spinning each prayer wheel at a monastery in Shigatse. Her harsh voice could be overheard reciting a prayer.

TIBET Photo Pictorial

A fortress is perched high upon a hill overlooking the homes that appeared to be deserted but were inhabited. A brilliant snow-capped mountain shines in the background.

TIBET Photo Pictorial

The Tibetan woman is preparing sweet milk tea. We were fortunate enough to be a guest in their home overnight after a landslide prevented us from reaching our scheduled destination.

TIBET Photo Pictorial

Two young monks are seen resting in front of an oversized prayer wheel while taking a few moments to study. What the picture does not show is that one of them was wearing NIKE tennis shoes!

TIBET Photo Pictorial

A group of farmers are returning to their village after a strenuous day in the fields. Goggles are occasionally worn due to the strong dusty wind gusts.

TIBET Photo Pictorial

A nomad girl is begging for food and money. She would only allow her picture to be taken if she was given money first. The yak-skin jacket provided protection from the bitterly cold wind.

TIBET Photo Pictorial

This is the Guardian deity on the roof of the Jokhang, which is the most revered religious building in Tibet.

TIBET Photo Pictorial

The Potala Palace was home to the 5th – 14th Dalai Lama in Lhasa. Immediately after this picture was taken, an impressive thunder and lightning storm forced the vendors below to duck for cover.

TIBET Photo Pictorial

Tara is the protective deity who symbolizes fertility and is believed to be able to fulfill wishes. Hundreds of yak-butter candles were lit at the base of the statue, creating an overwhelming and nauseating smell.

At the corner of the Jokhang, this dragon serves to protect the surroundings. Notice the barren mountains in the background, which is typical of the desolate landscape around Tibet.

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