Though these characters are not Argonauts (official crewmembers of the Argo), they are important to the story of Jason and the Argonauts. There are hundreds of characters in this myth. Here are a few of the important ones.

Relief sculpture of three people building the Argo


Tiphys played a crucial role as the helmsman (ship’s steersman) of the ship Argo in the myth of Jason and the Argonauts. Athena herself urged Tiphys to join the Argonauts since he was “well skilled to foretell the rising wave on the broad sea, and well skilled to infer from sun and star the stormy winds and the time for sailing.”

Ship with Peleus Telamon and Thetis

Peleus and Telamon

Peleus and Telamon were brothers and, respectively, the fathers of Achilles and Ajax, and heroic members of the Argonauts. Their roles in the myth of Jason and the Argonauts contribute to the rich tapestry of strength, bravery and adventure in Greek mythology.

The Capture of the Golden Fleece

The Golden Fleece

The Golden Fleece is the object of the quest of Jason and the Argonauts, and a symbol that has been interpreted in different ways over the centuries.

The Argo, the Argonauts ship, named after her builder, Argus.

The Argo

The Argo was the magical ship that carried Jason and the Argonauts on their quest for the Golden Fleece.

Scenes from the Argonauts at Colchis

King Aeëtes

King Aeëtes was a king of Colchis in Greek mythology and owner of the Golden Fleece. He promised the fleece to Jason if he could perform certain tasks.

Pelias sending forth Jason

King Pelias

Pelias was the king of Iolcus. But he had stolen the crown from his half-brother, the father of Jason’s. Pelias sent Jason on the quest for the Golden Fleece to try and get rid of him.

An oil painting of Medea and her dead children fleeing in a chariot.


The tragic love story of Medea and Jason is one of the most famous Greek myths, and it has been told and retold in many different versions throughout the centuries.

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