Guest Adventures

Our Mission: To inspire people to embrace their fears and turn their dreams into reality. (We’ve been featuring adventurers since 1999, before “blog” was even a word.) To contribute your inspirational story contact us.

Rounding The Horn

By Michael Dick The names Michael Dick, commonly known on the race as Moby. I’m 34 and come from Scotland although I’ve been living south

Andy Graham Hobo Traveler

Hobo Traveler

Making a living while traveling the world by Andy Graham the Hobo traveler, on the road since 1997 Articles about budget, travel, jobs, adventure and

Hobo Traveler: Third World Travel

Location: Ecuador I am in Ecuador. Where a USA dollars buys twice as much, and a room cost 3 dollars and 50 cents. I think

Hobo Traveler: What is extreme travel?

by Andy Graham Extreme ex·treme (ĭk-strēm′) adj. Most remote; outermost or farthest. Very great; intense. Extending far beyond the norm. Drastic; severe. n. The greatest

Hobo Traveler: Rio Gallegos

Location: Rio Gallegos Elevation: 767 feet ASL (Above Sea Level) Latitude: 41 degrees north Longitude: 85 degrees west Sorry… No pictures (my Sony Digital camera

Hobo Traveler: Why go to Patagonia?

Location: Patagonia Elevation: 0 feet Latitude: 51.633 degrees south Longitude: 69.217 degrees west Made famous by history, and travel agents trying to sell a tour.

Postcards from the edge

A retired couple bicycles Alaska Read more of Dick and Ingrid Adams adventures as the bicycle around the USA during retirement Dick and Ingrid Adams

A true space pioneer: Dennis Tito

Click here to read more of Brooks Space Tourism Column: To The Stars TO THE STARS! By Brook E. Mantia I LOVE SPACE! This week

Hannu’s Adventures

Hannu is a 32-year-old Swedish male who has been on the road since April 1998. He has visited the Middle East, Africa and now South


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