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Trans-Mongolian Kite-Trike Tour

Matthias kite bike Mongolian Tour Selfie

Being pulled by a kite on a recumbent trike across Mongolia!?

A kite-trike tour! That’s the vision about an adventure from Matthias Ramsel! His next adventure will be a tricycle powered by a kite. His amazing trip will starts in Novosibirsk (Russia), crossing Mongolia with tailwinds from west to east and ends with a bit of luck in Bejing, (China). A journey over 5000 kilometers often with a paved road surface and no amenities.

For Matthias, it is not so much a question of the destination or the enjoy the journey, it is about the method of travel. The 36-year old German designer developed his own luggage system. And now he is putting it to the test.

Matthias will try to answer some of these questions, soon!

  • How obsessions and dreams will come true?
  • And what about the preparation for a journey into uncertainty?

Check this out for more Information:

Matthias kite bike Mongolian Tour

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