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Vilmar’s adventures in Antarctica

Vilmar on top of the bottom of the world

The land way way down under


Photo Pictorial Antarctica Photo Pictorial
Date: December 24, 1999

Vilmar's adventuresVilmar’s adventures in Antarctica continue with this four part installment of his vivid journals:
Dinosaurs in Antarctica
A River Runs Through It (PART II)
Shakespeare Comes to Mac Town
Mass Casualty Drill
Date: December 4, 1999

AntarcticaJust Another W-O-W Day at the Bottom of the World
Date: 12 1, 1999

Mail Day and Fish that Don’t Freeze
Date: October 18, 1999

Vilmar walks up a hill and comes down a mountain
Date: October 17, 1999

More news from the South
Date: October 14, 1999

Introduction: An Adventure way way down under
Date: October 7, 1999

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