Vilmar’s adventures in Antarctica

Vilmar on top of the bottom of the world

The land way, way down under

Photo Pictorial Antarctica Photo Pictorial. December 24, 1999

Vilmar's adventuresVilmar’s adventures in Antarctica continue with this four-part installment of his vivid journals. December 4, 1999:

  1. Dinosaurs in Antarctica
  2. A River Runs Through It (PART II)
  3. Shakespeare Comes to Mac Town
  4. Mass Casualty Drill

AntarcticaJust Another W-O-W Day at the Bottom of the World. December 1, 1999

Mail Day and Fish that Don’t Freeze. Date: October 18, 1999

Vilmar walks up a hill and comes down a mountain. October 17, 1999

More news from the South. October 14, 1999

Introduction: An Adventure way, way down under. October 7, 1999

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