Fully-loaded touring bicycle ready to cross the Australian Outback
Scott's world touring bicycle loaded with over 25 liters of water (half are in the panniers) getting ready to ride the gravel roads in the Australian Outback.

Weird bicycles

Editor’s Note: Who doesn’t love weird bicycles? I run across them all the time. Here is a work-in-progress collection of some strange but true bicycles, and some bicycles that may change the world. And, if you haven’t seen the bike that went around the world, check it out. It has definitely turned some heads.

Inventor holding up a bicycle made out of cardboard
Israeli inventor Izhar Gafni poses for a picture with his cardboard bicycle in Moshav Ahituv.

Cardboard bicycle

Here is another landmark in bicycle ingenuity — a $20 cardboard bicycle. And if you damage it, it is recyclable.

This really could change the world. Imagine an end to bike theft in big cities and a great form of transportation for people in developing countries.

Cardboard bicycle can change the world, says Israeli inventor. More from Reuters.

Man riding a 3D-printed bicycle
A wobbly prototype of a 3D-printed bicycle

Download a 3D Bicycle from the internet!

Here is a bizarre evolution of the bicycle industry. We can now print a 3D bicycle much like we print a photograph. See this video minute 01:45 for the bicycle print out. And someday we may able to just download the bike from the manufacturer’s website and print it out at home, though I wouldn’t try riding that bicycle around the world.

How to Print a Bicycle | Technology and Science | Slate.

As always send us your suggestions for more weird bicycles.

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